AARD008 – Erasure Silence – Deception of Appearances EP


We present to you our eight release !

Deception Of Appearances EP
by Erasure Silence !

Artist info:


Erasure Silence is David Brunello’s newest project.

David Brunello won’t release anything further as Condensed Utopia but has adopted a new alias named Erasure Silence.

Erasure Silence is a play on words that represents the indifference towards the cancellation of the human soul that loses over time too many emotions and feelings that no one can restore them.

We, Aarden Records, are thrilled to release the first EP of this new project on our label.

Condensed Utopia with releases on : Circular Limited, Lett Records, Concrete Records, Systolic, …

Already supported by:

Spacid, Destination Unknøwn, Hesh, Black Francis, Justine Perry, Inherent, Dj Doltan, Vicky Zissou, Clotur, NFEREE, Enkō, Save Your Atoll, Solace, Traversable Message, Kill Acid on Space, Techkwando, Minus, Anders Hellberg, SdRm, A Thousand Details, PSTX

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