AARD009 – Adhémar – As From The Return Of The Nice Weather EP


Aarden Records is proud to present its 9th release.

As The Return Of The Nice Weather EP
by Adhémar !

Artist info:


“Adhémar offers a journey informed by sonic forms of bouncing lights. The different movements evolve into a persuasive ensemble of percussions. This structure creates a world in which an organic vision of space has replaced a limited vision of time. Its achievement is not set in an upcoming future but rather in a permanent present all around. Animated by a growing vital force, this mix grants the listener with the experience of an expanded sense of sound and self, inviting us to dare to dance. ” Victoire K.

Already supported by:

Salah, Wolken, Enkō, Vicky Zissou, Hydrangea, Goldfox, Kontinum, Justine Perry, Inherent, Minus, A Thousand Details, Traversable Message, Einox, Anders Hellberg, Save Your Atoll, SdRm, Solace, Droneghost, PSTX, Dj Doltan, Condensed Utopia, Kill Acid on Space, …

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