September 2nd, 2019

Podcast seven is brought to you by Kontinum.

Kontinum is a German DJ and producer located in the field of spherical and
deep techno. Initially inspired by the subcultural scene of his hometown of
Lübeck, the young artist was strongly influenced by the predominant sound of
the Leipzig techno scene [from 2015 onwards]. Especially the infamous Institut fuer Zukunft and its hypnotic and dissociative sound significantly formed his distinctive style and quickly paved his way into the local scene.

In 2017 then, he co-founded the project Nebula and after organising their first
raves the collective quickly found its way into Leipzig’s club scene and
managed to establish its own event series at Institut fuer Zukunft.

In addition to managing most of Nebula’s musical and organisational affairs he continues to steadily enhance his own remarkable sound which can aleady be listened to on his recent releases on labels such as Controlled
Violence, Oslated or Lowless.

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