AARD007 – Pvrv. – Omnipresencia

Our latest release is being brought to you by Pvrv. This artist has a great future ahead so we are feeling very lucky to be able to provide you with this EP. Omnipresencia is a diamond in the rough and will take you places you never have been.

AARD006 – Doctrina Natura – The Sacred Circle

We are proud to present you our 6th release on Aarden Records. And what a release it has turned out to be. Doctrina Natura in his element has provided us with a deeply atmospheric EP. 

AARD005 – Petit Astronaute – Spirit of the Earth EP

Our 5th release on Aarden Records is brought to you from the creative mind of Petit Astronaute. Another gem to add to your collection.

AARD004 – Destination Unknøwn – Unspoken

We present to you our 4th release. Unspoken is the latest release in a long line of great releases from Destination Unknøwn. This producer has deep roots in the techno scene with many branches reaching out to many facets of electronic music production. Be it as a dj, producer, performer, composer, promotor,… he rises to the challenges and takes it head on. 

This release is another fine example of the craftsmanship with which he approaches his music. He will explore your senses, touching the synapses of your brain and lead you to places you haven’t been before.

So sit back and enjoy the journey.

AARD003 – Salah – Perc & Wood EP


We present to you our third release, the Perc & Wood EP by Salah (Brussels/BE).

Salah is an incredible artist who loves exploring the deep, hypnotic side of Techno with ethnic, cultural influences originating from his Middle Eastern roots.

“This EP is about researching many kinds of grooves and sway rhythmics with some nuances of dreamy, trancy, and deep textures.” – Salah

“Listening to this EP one might find themselves in the dark of the jungle surrounded by life and feeling its very heart beat to your beat.”

“Life itself is going on around you and you can experience everything.”

“At long last you become one with the feeling. Your heart is racing and you are running through that very jungle. Not away, but towards something…”

Find out for yourself!

Now available on Bandcamp

Hypnagogia cover


Second release for Aarden Records

August 15th, 2019

We present to you, Hypnagogia, our second release and a golden one for that matter. For this VA compilation we gathered 20 tracks from our artists to take you on a journey through your mind and soul.

Hypnagogia, also referred to as “hypnagogic hallucinations”, is the experience of the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep and so we will take you on a journey from your conscious reality on a path to your dreams.

By triggering every synapse in your brain we want to give you an eargasmic sensation, in which every sense is heightened and the line between reality and dream becomes blurred.

On this journey you will be guided by the likes of Eyvind Blix, Saphileaum, Einox, Kill Acid on Space, Inherent, Masashi Sueyoshi, and many more… so prepare yourself for the trip of a lifetime.

Hypnagogia cover


First Release now available.

June 4th, 2019

The cherry has been popped and our first release is a fact. And what a release to begin with. Droneghost is the main project from Jaule Muntsant, better known as Nigul, based in Barcelona. He is focused on hypnotic techno with a dark mood and powerfull approach to the dancefloor. 

With The Stream, Droneghost has given us exactly that. A dark hypnotic EP with shamanic rythms and grooves, urged by soothing basslines, that follow a stream of wellcrafted impressions.