Aarden Records Podcast 012

This latest installment in our podcast series is being brought to you by Raddar el Gamar. Sit back and enjoy.

Aarden Records Podcast 011

On this new episopde Adhémar is on to the task of guiding you. Enjoy and let the music take you places.

Aarden Records Podcast 010

Another impressive podcast from a great artist. Doctrina Natura. We are truly blessed with this one. Settle down and enjoy this journey.

Aarden Records Podcast 9

Next stop on this trip is Pvrv. .This one is a real mind bender, so strap in and let the flow take you places. Enjoy the trip!

Artist: Pvrv.

Aarden Records Podcast 008

Chapter eight is being brought to you by Inherent. Let the music lead you and enjoy the trip.

Artist: Inherent (Italy)


The seventh podcast in this series is brought to you by Kontinum.

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Artist: Kontinum (Germany)


The sixt podcast for our label brought to you by Unclear.
Enjoy this journey.

Artist: Unclear (Italy)

Aarden Records Podcast 005

Artist: Einox (South-Korea)

A major in aesthetics and art theory, Einox constructs his own sound with a variety of aesthetic perspectives. He strategically borrows contemporary postmodern works of art, and uses a variety of styles with constructive sound. Also, Einox goes beyond simple dance music, leading listeners to some phenomenological experience. Recently, Einox continued his steady career, releasing EPs at Circular Limited in Spain and Subosc in Italy.



Aarden Records Podcast 004


Artist: SdRm (Spain)

The fourth podcast for our label brought to you by SdRm.
Enjoy this journey.

Aspiring producer and skilled Dj.
Works for Seance Radio and has his own show Minimalton.

Genres: Techno – Deep Techno – Electronica – Industrial – Dub Techno

Aarden Records Podcast 003 - Condensed Utopia

Artist : Condensed Utopia ( Italy )

Parallel realities lived in an unknown world by refusing the possible to escape in the impossible. Condensed Utopia is the conscious form of invisibility of the subconscious.

Released on : Circular Limited, Lett Records, Svarmod Records, Concrete Records, …

Links : www.facebook.com/condensedutopia

Aarden Records Podcast 002 - Mechanist

Artist : Mechanist (Southampton, UK)
His label : Intersum

An ambient and dub techno music producer


Aarden Records Podcast 001 - Droneghost

Artist : Droneghost ( Barcelona, Spain)