AARD003 – Salah – Perc & Wood EP


We present to you our third release, the Perc & Wood EP by Salah (Brussels/BE).

Salah is an incredible artist who loves exploring the deep, hypnotic side of Techno with ethnic, cultural influences originating from his Middle Eastern roots.

“This EP is about researching many kinds of grooves and sway rhythmics with some nuances of dreamy, trancy, and deep textures.” – Salah

“Listening to this EP one might find themselves in the dark of the jungle surrounded by life and feeling its very heart beat to your beat.”

“Life itself is going on around you and you can experience everything.”

“At long last you become one with the feeling. Your heart is racing and you are running through that very jungle. Not away, but towards something…”

Find out for yourself!

Now available on Bandcamp

Countdown to 3rd Release

Can you feel it in the air tonight? The anticipation… The tension is real my friends. A musky scent fills the air as the heat rises … and a distant drum announces the arrival of our third release.

Are you ready? For tomorrow is that much anticipated day.

It is Your day, it is Our day, it is Release day!!!