Aarden Records, Belgium’s newest techno label is the result of the joined forces by 3 techno dj’s from Belgium with a love for the deeper side of techno. Their mutual interest for deep and atmospheric techno brought them together to create a platform for the music they love… Aarden Records saw the light.

Aarden can be translated as “Grounding”, feeling good at the place where you are, be in flow, finding home. When we play our sounds we feel united with the music, the crowd, the flow to become something bigger… Everything and everyone is connected.

Aarden Records wants to be a platform where producers can “Aarden”, where they can fully express themselves in who they are as a music lover, a producer, a dj and connect with a broader community. Inspired by labels like Systolic, Oslated, Circular Limited, …

Besides releases on Aarden Records, the crew will also bring a monthly podcast by dj’s and producers related to the label and Aarden label-nights will be organized. 

Founded by Mike Deem, Wolken and Sedric.